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SEO - search engine optimization so that your website appears high on Google. A good position results in many clicks and thus more visitors. If you target the right target group with search terms and rank high on Google, you have good digital marketing.

If you also invest in a good graphic design, copywriting and conversion strategy, the increased traffic will return a lot.

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SEO work will be best if you carry out an analysis of the website that is to be SEO optimized. This also includes identifying target audiences and search terms for Google. The analysis we do makes visible both on-page and off-page status, which means that we can effectively remedy all deficiencies.

SEO Gothenburg
on page

We are now starting work on improving the quality and quantity of website traffic with a technical review of the website. It must be user-friendly and show the search engine algorithms that it is reliable. We optimize upload speed, structure of headings/text and data code.

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off page

Next we look at links. They are important and they usually fall into two categories. Internal links that make it easier for the visitor to click through the website and external links that show Google what context the website is in, (these usually bring a lot of traffic). 

SEO Gothenburg
Google ranking

This step is the work in progress where results and development are pitted against each other as we optimize the settings. With the help of Google Analytics and other development programs, we can successively follow the results. The number of visitors from the right target group increases and if it is an e-commerce, it should also be seen directly in the turnover.

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More about SEO

No matter what business you run, you benefit from having an SEO optimized website. The website becomes more user-friendly and it becomes easier to find the company on the internet by Google and other search engines. If you hire us, you will get quick results and a website where the content is structured according to SEO. 

This means that Google will easily find your company using the search terms you want to be seen with, and if you want, we will also make the page technically optimized, which means that it will be fast, user-friendly and problem-free.

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When you search the internet and click on the usual search results, this is called organic traffic. About 40 million such organic searches are made every day on Google Sweden and almost all new visits to a website come from just one search engine.  

By bringing in more and the right visitors to the company's website who are looking for the company's services or products, you immediately get two benefits, the first is that sales increase and the second is that you get to know the market by analyzing what the customers are looking for. 

In addition, you get benefits such as direct results on how campaigns, advertisements and other activities affect the number of visitors and behavior on the website. Would you like to know more about how we can do an analysis of the website and improve the visibility of your company?

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SEO Gothenburg performs the measurement of the content needed to develop relevant and effective web analysis. After that, goals are created for organic traffic and visitors, for example control of traffic on the website. 

As previously mentioned, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and for SEO to work really well, constant analyzes and follow-ups are needed to identify search behavior and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Measuring success or failure for goals and conversions is an important part of successful SEO work. After a while, this way you can steer the customers in for more sales and other more long-term goals.

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SEO Göteborg works with search engines' organic results, unlike advertisements and sponsored linksSEO is usually divided into three parts and these are Analysis, On Page and Link Strategy.  

SEO analysis of the website is about coming up with the most profitable search terms if there are any and counting everything from possible "return on investment” and competition but also how relevant the visitors from the keyword are. 

On Page is about all the parts you change on your own website. These are things like page hierarchy, navigation, page headings and the quality of the text.

Link strategy is the work that is done to get links to one's site, links are of a decisive nature for how well the search engine optimization succeeds. Internal links are also important because they make it easier for visitors to browse their own website.

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We mostly work with WordPress, which is the world's largest CMS (Content Management System). In this system there are many "plug-ins" and other aids to get a superior digital marketing strategy. If these computer programs are used correctly, they make the website rank among the highest in searches on Google.

Let us analyze your website and then order our SEO package "SEO Gothenburg" if you want your digital marketing to reach new heights.