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Website for the company

There are two ways to proceed in the creation of a website with us, often it is a combination of these.

Option 1

The easiest way to create a website is by simply telling them about your company, what you offer customers and which target group you want to reach. With that material together with what we obtain by analyzing competitors and the market, we can put together a stylish and competitive website. Of course, you check the website before it is published and make any corrections, perhaps you want to add your own text and images.

Option 2

You come with text and images and we talk through how the design should look, alternatively you show a website from another industry with a design that you think would suit your company, or perhaps a style from our references above would suit your company.

The references above are a combination of these methods for the creation of the websites. Search optimization of the page is included and can also be ordered as an extra service for those who want to get higher in the ranking than the competition.

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