Mobile-friendly websites Gothenburg

Mobile-friendly websites are necessary today to be able to meet customer requirements. The reason is easy to understand when you see that almost everyone has their smartphone with them, where they are constantly communicating and looking for information. We see how mobiles are changing the world and that companies' mobile-friendly websites have become an increasingly important part of the online presence.

Mobile adapted

If you haven't made your website mobile friendly, you should change that. Most users who come to your website are likely using a mobile device. Mobile-friendly websites are easy to use and do not require users to pinch or zoom in order to read the content. If you don't know if your website is mobile friendly, test your website.

Responsive design

We build mobile-friendly websites to suit all visitors and regardless of whether they use a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. These responsive mobile-friendly websites change format and, if desired, also content depending on the visitor's browsing device.

Refresh your website

If your website was created several years ago, you should consider starting from scratch – rather than changing – your website. This is because the new ones are built on better platforms that give you many advantages. Of course, the images and the text that are good are reused. Get in touch and we can tell you more about what we can do for you. You can also do a speed test by Google.

Digital market

Mobile-friendly websites that you order from us are, in this first stage, an advertising space for your company. To reach the page, the visitor needs to enter your www address. You are also visible when googling your keywords, but you usually end up far down the lists, the solutions are on the pages Optimization and Analysis.

Do you need a website?

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Web hosting

A web host is the place where the website's files are saved. As you probably understand, the word web hosting comes from the English word "webhotel". When the internet was still quite new in Sweden, the common man spelled "webhotel" with the Swedish spelling. They later switched more and more to the Swedish and correct spelling of the word web hosting.

When we compare and decide which web host is the best, we have to start from the needs of our customers and the various criteria. We must see the needs you have today and then be able to think a little into the future in such a way that you can grow if the site into the homepage of the company you run receives a lot of visitors. Then you need, for example, more bandwidth.

For mobile-friendly company websites, we want to give our customers the best. We have therefore been careful to choose where we put our customers' websites or webshops, all to ensure that our customers' website visitors will have a good experience. Under web hosting requirement specification, some reasons are listed why we attach so much importance to choosing a premium web hosting.

For mobile-friendly websites for businesses, many factors are important and a lot also depends on the web host. When choosing a web host, we have been careful to choose according to the below criteria for company websites.

  1. Fast response and transaction time, visitors rarely like slow websites.
  2. Operational reliability is important and it is measured in uptime, which is the percentage of time the server is in operation.
  3. Support with generous opening hours provides security for website and e-mail. 
  4. Space, good if there is room to grow with both text, images and functions.
  5. E-mail, access to many e-mail addresses gives a professional impression, even for smaller companies.
  6. The web host must provide good virus protection, backup and updated programs.
  7. Trafik, a website that contains a lot of images is usually more easy to read and appealing. This takes many GB in traffic and then it is of great importance that the web host allows a large amount of traffic. 

The web agency cooperates with the company Oderland which is located in Gothenburg and meets all the requirements we have for a web hosting and website company. Since 1998, they have been many companies' top choice for safe, stable and environmentally friendly operation of websites and applications. Oderland thinks we provide the best experience and that's where we put our customers' mobile-friendly websites.